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Company News About What is Winsco Metal's stainless steel BA sheet?
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What is Winsco Metal's stainless steel BA sheet?

Latest company news about What is Winsco Metal's stainless steel BA sheet?

1. Winsco Metal stainless steel BA sheet is a commonly used surface treatment method for stainless steel sheets, where "BA" refers to the level of surface treatment. BA surface treatment is obtained after bright annealing treatment on the surface of the stainless steel sheet. It is characterized by a smooth, flat surface with a certain degree of gloss, and no obvious grooves and scratches on the surface.

2. The main features of Winsco Metal stainless steel BA sheet are good surface quality, good gloss and flatness, and good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so it is widely used in high-end decoration, furniture, kitchen equipment, Electronic products and other fields.

3. In addition, BA surface treatment can also be used as the basis for surface treatment of other stainless steel sheets, such as mirror stainless steel sheet, snowflake sand surface stainless steel sheet, etc.

4. The production process of Winsco Metal stainless steel BA sheet generally includes the following steps:

(1) Raw material preparation: Select the appropriate stainless steel coil or sheet as the raw material, and cut and cut it as needed.

(2) Cold rolling processing: the raw material is processed into the required thickness and size of the sheet through the cold rolling process.

(3) Pickling treatment: Pickling treatment is carried out on the processed stainless steel sheet to remove scale and dirt on the surface.

(4) Bright annealing: The pickled stainless steel sheet is subjected to bright annealing treatment through a high-temperature furnace to make its surface smooth and flat with a certain degree of gloss.

(5) Length cutting: According to the customer's requirements, the sheet is cut into the specified length.

(6) Inspection and packaging: The processed stainless steel BA sheets are inspected and tested in terms of size, surface quality, chemical composition, etc., and then packaged and packaged to ensure the safety of the sheets during transportation and storage.