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Company News About What is Winsco Metal's stainless steel 2B sheet?
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What is Winsco Metal's stainless steel 2B sheet?

Latest company news about What is Winsco Metal's stainless steel 2B sheet?

1. Winsco Metal stainless steel 2B sheet is a commonly used surface treatment method for stainless steel sheets, where "2B" refers to the level of surface treatment. 2B surface treatment is the surface treatment effect obtained after the cold-rolled stainless steel sheet is stretched, drawn, and sheared through a rolling machine. The surface of the stainless steel sheet after 2B surface treatment is smooth and has a certain degree of gloss, but there are some slight grooves and scratches on the surface. This surface treatment can improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the stainless steel sheet, so that it has better mechanical properties and appearance quality.

2.Winsco Metal stainless steel 2B sheet is usually used in the manufacture of kitchen equipment, architectural decoration, chemical equipment, medical equipment and electronic products and other fields. Due to its good surface quality and wide application range, it occupies a very important position in the stainless steel sheet market. At the same time, 2B surface treatment can also be used as the basis for surface treatment of other stainless steel sheets, such as mirror stainless steel sheets, sanding stainless steel sheets, etc.