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Company News About How is Winsco Metal stainless steel sheet produced?
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How is Winsco Metal stainless steel sheet produced?

Latest company news about How is Winsco Metal stainless steel sheet produced?

Winsco Metal cold-rolled stainless steel sheets are produced through the following processes:

1. Raw material preparation: High-quality stainless steel coils are selected as raw materials, usually 304, 316L and other stainless steels.

2. Blank preparation: Surface treatment of stainless steel coils, such as removing surface dirt, grease, scale and other impurities, to ensure surface finish and quality. Then the coil is processed by cutting, stamping, bending and other processing methods to make blanks of appropriate sizes according to requirements.

3. Cold rolling processing: the blank is processed by cold rolling mill rolls to make the surface more flat and smooth, and reduce the thickness of the blank to further increase the tensile strength and hardness of the sheet.

4. Surface treatment: Surface treatment of cold-rolled stainless steel sheets, such as polishing, hairline, sandblasting, etc., to obtain different surface effects and textures.

5. Spraying and printing: According to the needs, the stainless steel sheet is sprayed or printed to achieve a specific decorative effect.

6. Cutting and forming: Cut and form the stainless steel sheet according to the required size and shape to meet different decoration needs.

7. Inspection and packaging: Carry out quality inspection and packaging for the produced cold-rolled stainless steel decorative sheets to ensure that their quality meets the requirements and they can be transported and used safely and conveniently.