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Company News About Do you know how to install the stainless steel guardrail?
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Do you know how to install the stainless steel guardrail?

Latest company news about Do you know how to install the stainless steel guardrail?

1.Pre-buried base plate
Installation of pre-buried parts (after adding buried parts) railing pre-buried parts installation can only be used after adding buried parts practice, the practice is to use expansion bolts and steel plate to make the post connection, first put lines on the grass-roots level of civil construction to determine the location of the column fixing point, and then drill holes in the ground with a percussion drill, and then install expansion bolts, bolts to maintain sufficient length, after the bolt positioning, the bolt will be tightened at the same time the nut and screw welded between. prevent the nut from loosening with the steel plate. Handrail and wall surface connection also take the same method.
When adding the buried parts construction, it may produce errors, so before the installation of the column, the line should be put again to determine the accuracy of the buried plate position and the welded column, if there is deviation, timely correction.
3.Welding column
Installation of columns, welding columns, two people need to cooperate, one holding the steel pipe to keep it vertical, in the welding can not shake, the other person welding, to weld around, and should comply with the welding specifications.
4.Welding surface pipe, glass connectors
Handrail and column before installation, put the line by drawing a long line, according to the tilt angle of the site and the roundness of the handrail used, and process the groove at its upper end. Then put the handrail directly into the groove of the column, and install the handrail from one end to the other in order of spot welding, with accurate docking of adjacent handrail installation and tight joints. After the adjacent steel pipe is docked, the seam is welded with stainless steel welding rod, and then set with plexiglass.
5.Polishing and polishing
After all the welding is done, use the portable sander to flatten and sand the welded seam until it does not show the weld.
6.Installation of glass
Plexiglass, glass and other railings, railings glass type, thickness should meet the design requirements, and should use the thickness of not less than 12mm tempered glass.